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Spring Season Starts Sunday May 19th, 2024

Registration is Open!

About The Valley

Welcome to a new era of competition and camaraderie. The PAC Community Center presents 'The Valley' Adult League Basketball.  We are bringing back Adult basketball to our 6 court facility plus our 2 court facility down the street.  Join us on the court every Sunday where skill meets strategy, and passion transcends age. Elevate your game, maintain your fitness, embrace the challenge, and be part of a community united by the love of basketball. 🏀🔥 #TheValleyLeague

The Details:

- 8 Games including Playoffs

- Games are played every Sunday at The PAC CC or The PAC Training Facility

- Division 1, 2, 3 and Co-Ed

- First week will be evaluation week to make sure there is competitive balance and no sandbagging of teams

- 40 minute games (20 minute running halves.  Stop clock last 2 minutes of the 2nd half if game is within 10)

- 1 Timeout Per Half

- $595 per team

- Team captain must invite players to the roster to sign waivers.  If players are not on the roster, they are not allowed to play

- Referees will be assigned

- Visiting team must provide a scorekeeper

- Free agents will be assigned a team before league starts.  If there are not enough free agents, the player fees will be refunded.

Spring Season Starts Sunday,  May 12th.  For any questions, please email

Full Rules:​​

- All games are governed by (NFHS) National Federation of High School Association rules except as specified

- 50 minute games (25 minute running halves.  Stop clock last 2 minutes of the 2nd half if game is within 10)

- 1 Timeout Per Half (Clock Stops)

- 2 Minute Halftime

- 2 Minute Overtime (Stop clock last minute)

- Each team roster shall consist of a minimum of 5 players and maximum of 10 players.

- All players must be on the team roster to be allowed to play. Any player found to not be on the team roster will be asked to leave the game. The team will be assessed a team technical foul.  

- If you want to add/drop players you must do so in LeagueApps so they can sign the waiver. 

- Teams must have matching jerseys that are either all light or dark. All teams must have a number on their jersey. Players on the same team can’t have matching numbers. Players who don’t have jerseys or have matching numbers will be given a technical foul and the other 2 team will be rewarded 2 points for each technical foul. These technical fouls do not count as behavior technical fouls or team technical fouls that could result in a forfeit.


- Teams must have at least 5 players at the start of the game who are dressed and ready to play.

- A 5 minute grace period will be given once the game start time has passed.

- For each minute a team is late the other team will be rewarded 2 points, and if the whole 5 minutes grace period has passed then the game will be ruled a forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- If a team arrives within the 5-minute grace period, the officials will call game time and the clock will start running at that time.


- The 6 foul out rule is in effect. On the 6th foul a player is considered disqualified and must leave the game.

- Bonus fouls - On the 7th team foul the other team will shoot a 1 and 1 foul shot. On the 10th team foul the other team will shoot 2 fouls shots at any time of the game.

Technical Fouls:

- Any type of technical foul committed will result in an automatic 2 points per foul plus loss of possession and the player committing the technical foul will be awarded a personal foul and will count towards their 6 fouls out rule. The team of the player committing the technical foul will also be awarded a team foul and it also goes towards the total team foul count.

- If any player receives more than 1 technical foul in a game that player will be ejected from the game and suspended for a minimum of 1 league game.

- Depending on the severity of the ejection, the player may be suspended for the entire season.

- If a player is ejected from 2 games in a season, he/she will be suspended for the remainder of the season.  

Behavioral Technical Fouls


- Are defined as acts from foul language, verbal or physical abuse to anyone in the gym, and/or attempting to fight anyone in the gym and this is ruled by the officials


Team Technical Fouls:


- Any team that accumulates a total of 3 technical fouls in 1 game will automatically forfeit that game.



- Dunking is allowed during live play only NO EXCEPTIONS.

- There is no dunking during dead ball situation at all NO EXCEPTIONS.

- If any teammate dunks at any other time such as warm ups before the game, half time, or even after the game that player will be awarded a technical foul and the technical fouls rule will apply.

- Any teammate dunking before the game will be assessed an automatic technical foul, and 2 points will be awarded to the opposing team and the game will start with the opposite team taking the ball out of bounds at half court opposite the table. 

- There is NO hanging on the rim during a dunk except for an unsafe reason.

- The unsafe reason will be ruled by the referee.

- Hanging on the rim will result in a technical foul anytime other than for unsafe reasons.

Team Captains:

- Only the team captains will be allowed to approach the scorekeeper’s table during dead ball situation.

- If any teammate abuses any of the table personnel of any kind the official can and will assess a team and personal technical foul to the offender.

- Stay away from the referee and the scorer's table!

Liability Waiver:

- The PAC Community Center have no provision for accident insurance for players or spectators, nor will any of these entities assume any responsibility for accident or injury in conjunction with the league managed games for officials, player and spectators. Participants in league games are required to execute a LIABILITY RELEASE FORM that provides detail as to the risks assumed and liabilities released to allow for participation.

Age Requirements:

You must be 18 years old to play in this adult basketball league. If you are 16 years old or 17 years old and you want to apply for an exception to play- this will be done by the team captain contacting us.  

Additional Rules:


- No tobacco chewing, no smoking, no profanity anywhere in building and outside of all facilities.

- League suspensions carry over to all leagues and tournaments that Peaceful & Recreational Athletics runs.

- A team fight is a league suspension with no refund. Players have a responsibility to control or restrain their own teammates. The key is to step in and help end a bad situation before the league has to suspend or banish players. Your players need to control each other. The referees cannot prevent these situations as well as you could as players/teammates.

- If a player is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct, that player must leave the gym on his/her own. If the player does not leave in a timely fashion, he/she may be suspended for the remainder of the season and the team may forfeit the game and face team suspensions for not enforcing the rules with their own players.

- Conduct rules: Players not able to control their behavior will be ejected from the facility and may face further suspension from the league. This rule applies to spectators as well.

- Children: Due to their short attention span, we ask that all children sit next to parents and be under their supervision at all times. This helps prevent any accidents or interference with games. If the only parent attending is playing, that parent will be responsible to have a friend supervise his/her children during the game. Due to safety concerns, children (or any other spectators) are not allowed to sit on the team bench or at the scorekeeper's table. Referees may remove a parent from the game and require him/her to supervise unruly children. Parents will be financially responsible for any damage caused by their children.

- Verbal threats will be taken very seriously: Any player, manager, or person connected with the team verbally threatening an official, player or spectator before, during, or after a game, will be ejected from the game and the facility and suspended from league play indefinitely.

- Alcohol and Drug policy: No player shall appear on the court under the influence of alcohol or drugs in such a manner that they have no control of his/her faculties to the extent that there is a chance of physical injury to him/her or others. Minimum penalty: Ejection from facility and/or suspension from team's next scheduled game and/or probation for remainder of season

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