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The PAC Community Center Building

The PAC CC and The PAC Training Facility caters to the diverse needs of athletes, students, and the community. With 8 high-quality basketball courts, the facility offers ample space for competitive games, tournaments, and recreational play. In addition to its sports amenities, the facility boasts conference rooms, providing a versatile space for meetings, seminars, and events. A dedicated classroom is also available, facilitating educational programs, workshops and our Project THRIVE.

Recognizing the importance of holistic development, the facility will have a student center where individuals can gather, socialize, and engage in various activities. This multifunctional space enhances the sense of community and encourages networking among students and the community. Complementing the emphasis on physical fitness, we are building out a well-equipped recovery area within the facility, promoting health and prevention.

Our goal is to have this facility seamlessly integrates sports, education, and community engagement, creating a dynamic hub for both athletic and mental health pursuits.

Our Programs

With our partnership with JD Health, we are proud to announce PROJECT THRIVE.  THRIVE is a mental health and wellness program for teams and players.  


Our goal is to empower every young person who walks through our doors, helping them thrive academically, mentally, and physically, while fostering a strong sense of belonging and self-confidence.


Joining our membership program means becoming part of a community that values both athletic excellence and personal growth. Whether you're gearing up for competitions, seeking mentorship, or simply looking for a supportive environment to thrive, our facility and its diverse amenities are tailored to elevate your athletic journey.  Membership will be open Jan 1, 2024.  Contact us for more information.  


During winter, our program is designed to seamlessly integrate with our local high school feeder programs and youth initiatives, offering tailored support to enhance the overall athletic experience. By partnering with local high schools and their youth programs, we aim to be a catalyst for success both on and off the court, creating an environment where young athletes can thrive academically and athletically.


Our fall and spring club programs provide a unique opportunity for dedicated young athletes to take their skills on the road, competing in high-caliber tournaments and experiencing the excitement of travel basketball. Players from all over Oregon 


We welcome back Adult League Volleyball and Basketball to our facility.   

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